SAN JUAN – A man says he is out hundreds of dollars after an online computer company charged him for services he thought were free.
Malcolm Damon admits the computer sometimes outsmarts him. He says he was having trouble logging on to his e-mail account, “We couldn’t get the computer… the internet to work at all and about a half hour later I got a phone call.”
Damon says the phone call seemed to provide a simple resolution. “[The call] was with the Fix It company they said I had 5000 errors on [my computer].”
The computer service “E-Fix Now” called Damon while he was trying to log on. Damon says he doesn’t know how the company knew he had a problem and at the time he didn’t care. Damon allowed E-Fix Now to take control of his computer and install the software. Damon says he asked what that would cost E-Fix Now said it would cost him nothing.
Damon says he was transferred to a technician during the call and they asked him to provide his debit card number, “I never thought to ask why. I stupidly gave it to him.”
Three hours after the call Damon was able to access his e-mail account. He was told the free service cost him $200.
CHANNEL 5 NEWS tried to get ahold of E-Fix Now, nobody could be reached.
We found out the company was based out of Utah. E-Fix Now had more than 20 complaints against them.
One complaint read “This above company has taken advantage of me as a senior disabled consumer indicating there was defect in my pc system however there was no problem.”