ALAMO – An Alamo man called 5 on Your Side for help. The rollercoaster of temperatures we usually experience at this time of year have him fighting for a fix.
He’s trying to have his air conditioner repaired or replace. It’s under warranty. He says the store refuses to help him.
Reymundo Chapa is enjoying his retirement. He has plenty of time on his hands, time he doesn’t enjoy spending on problems. But now, the quest to fix his broken air conditioner takes up most of his time.
He’s been dealing with the problem for a couple of months now.
“The air conditioner worked fine from May 2010, until September of this year,” said Chapa.
He and his wife bought the window unit from the Sears store located in La Plaza Mall in McAllen. They purchased a five year warranty for $70, just in case something went wrong.
“It was so hot and uncomfortable, and I don’t think it’s fair that I paid 70 American dollars for a service which they’re not providing,” said Chapa.
Chapa said technicians did come out to his house to fix the air conditioning, but they didn’t have the right parts. Chapa was told it would be replaced.
“They never did, so we had to contact the warranty department at Sears and were given different stories or the run around,” said Chapa.
Fed up, Chapa went back to Sears to talk to the manager.
“The manager from Sears at La Plaza Mall told us we would get a check for $269 in five to seven working days. We never got it,” said Chapa.
He decided to ask CHANNEL 5 for help. That’s when we called Sears’ corporate office in Chicago.
We never got a call back. We decided to go to the Better Business Bureau.
“Normally, when you buy an item and it has a warranty. The responsibility of the company is to honor and uphold that warranty,” said Dolores Salinas, South Texas Regional President of the Better Business Bureau.
Salinas said this kind of thing does happen. She advises people to check the Better Business Bureau before buying from any business.
“We’ll work with him and with Sears to try to get this resolved to a satisfactory resolution,” said Salinas.
Meanwhile, Reymundo hopes to get his problem resolved before the warm temperatures return to the Valley.