RAYMONDVILLE – Some Willacy County residents say they were never told the new wind turbines would be so loud.
A group of 60 residents is taking those frustrations to court. The residents claim the turbines reduced the value of their properties. Some even claim the wind-driven power generators are responsible for their ailments.
Tony Hernandez said the noise can be overwhelming.
“I don’t have air conditioning. I leave my windows open and I can’t (sleep). They wake me up at night,” Hernandez said.
Hernandez and others sued Duke Energy and E-On Climate and Renewables. They claim the companies never warned them about environmental changes.
Hernandez said the turbines even affected the television reception.
“I bought about six antennas and they don’t work now,” he said.
Just a few homes away from Hernandez, Robert Hulen said his sleeping patterns and television reception have not changed.
“I can’t hear them. It’s a little bit of an eyesore, but other than that I have no problem,” Hulen said.
Hulen said the turbines add to the local tax base. He said the power generators are on private land, therefore those property owners are benefiting from the leases they have with the companies.
“Crops were very bad last year. I think the wind mills are all that saved farmers,” he said.
CHANNEL 5 NEWS called the companies for comment.
“We are still reviewing the lawsuit,” said Elon Hasson, with E-On Climate and Renewables.
“We will file a response in due course. We believe all our wind farms are safe and state of the art. We run them in a safe, responsible manner. The company strongly believes every one of these claims will have not truth to them at all,” he said.