New York City’s war on smoking continues unabated. Today, the city council voted to equate electronic cigarettes with real ones by extending NYC’s public smoking ban to cover both types of smokes. That’s bad news for folks who liked to do their vaping in public parks, or the hangers-on looking to get a fake contact high from their fumes. It also means that all you Gothamites who’ve been passionately tracking the progression of e-cig technology are now stuck testing the latest battery powered suck pipes in the privacy of your own homes.

I can’t think of anyone that hates smoking and detests smokers more than myself.
That said, this ban is so completely stupid that I can’t formulate a sentence that would do justice to the overwhelming stupidity of this measure.
The toxic dust particles from secondhand smoking has caused me to become ill more than anything else. The secondhand vapors don’t have this effect at all in all the times I’ve been exposed to it.
I believe that allows “smokers” to have what they want without infringing on my right to breathe air. This ban will likely convince people to go back to regular cigs – making life hell for those that don’t partake in the habit.
I smile every time I see some with an e-cig because I get the feeling that they do consider someone other than themselves when pleasure-seeking.
I say leave the damned “vapers” alone. In fact, encourage more people to go in that direction!