Transformers cell phone serves your robo-fetish

Friday, September 7, 2007 – 7:10am

The recent Michael Bay epic Transformers fell flat with many critics but delivered when it came to special effects. Because of the live-action dream come true, a mini-resurgence of Transformers mania has taken hold in the geek community resulting in some rather interesting expressions of robo-devotion. The latest is this case mod of the Motorola MOTOROKR E6 cell phone.

Unfortunately, a cursory look at the modified version versus the original pretty much confirms that the modded device is unusable (notice the intact faux screen display). Nevertheless, the idea itself is probably just ingenious enough to possibly inspire Motorola, or some other cell-phone maker, to follow this modder’s lead and give us our robot keitai (that’s “cell phone” in the native Japanese language of Transformers) soon. — Adario Strange

Via Phone Daily

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