Rural part of America. Home to rednecks.
The road from Charlotte to Atlanta passes through Redneckistan. At a truck stop on the way I saw a guy with a huge belt buckle and a gun rack on his pickup truck.
rural middle of nowhere the sticks redneck trailer park

Congratulations, Missouri women! Your state legislature just relieved your frail and feeble selves of making those pesky and confusing decisions about contraception and your reproductive health and put that onerous burden where it belongs — on the big, stong, manly shoulders of your employers.
Existing law already allowed employers to opt for policies that didn’t pay for contraception, sterilization or abortion services if offering them would violate the religious beliefs of the employer. This law goes one (unconstitutional?) step further and gives the insurance companies the right to deny contraception coverage even if the employee wants it and is willing to pay for it.
    The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. John Lamping of Ladue, said the governor’s argument is not valid. Current law is not being properly enforced, he said, and a recent mandate from the Obama administration that health insurance plans must cover contraception will force employers to choose between “their religiously held beliefs and this mandate.”
    “The mandate will lead to employers deciding they can no longer offer certain benefits to their employees,” he said.
    Critics argued that the bill will put Missouri insurance companies on a collision course with lawsuits by forcing them to choose between violating state or federal law. But more importantly, they contend, it could limit a woman’s access to birth control.
    “Women depend on family planning and birth control access to plan their families, which determines their economic status,” said state Rep. Stacey Newman, a Richmond Heights Democrat. She later added: “Women are listening, and they are watching what we do here today.”
    State Rep. Sandy Crawford, a Buffalo Republican and the bill’s House sponsor, said there is nothing in the bill that would prevent a woman from obtaining birth control. They would just have to pay for it themselves, she said.
    “This bill is about protecting our religious liberties,” she said. “This bill does not prohibit the sale or purchase of contraception.”
    But making it more difficult to access birth control could put many woman and families in a difficult fiscal position over how to pay for something that is considered basic health care, Newman said.
    In urging her colleagues to support the governor’s veto, state Rep. Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis Democrat, said anyone who opposes abortion should support making contraception more readily available to woman.
    “If you are pro-life, be pro-life. That’s OK,” she said. “But tell the truth. Contraception is not the same as abortion. In fact, contraception prevents abortion and unwanted children.”
    Sen. Jolie Justus, a Kansas City Democrat, called the legislation a complete waste of time. The true motivation behind the bill, she said, was politics.
    “Only reason this is happening is because this is an election year,” she said. “Under current law, if an employer wants to opt out of contraceptive coverage they can. This bill is meaningless.”
I dunno, Senator Justus…I wouldn’t call it entirely meaningless, because I suspect more than a few women are pissed off enough over this to invest some time and shoeleather in walking and canvassing and phone banking. For Democrats.


Washington’s air hangs damp and hot in August and the News wires flop slack in the onion scented air.  Politicians are on the yachts of friendly suppliers of government arms or lounging on the terraces of villas owned by reciprocatedly minded foreign businessmen.
The jaded sub editors of the nation’s media scour round for something, anything, to catch the nation’s interest, maybe a duck on a skateboard, perhaps a cat that looks like Hitler, or even better an entire State in danger of collapse.
This year they have happed on Colorado, claiming that a mad-cap plan from Weld county to secede from Colorado along with another eight northern counties and form a new State called with great thought and after a competition held in a small bar in Yuma – North Colorado must be a go-er.  Hey, they must be serious they knitted their own flag.
Not that it stands a chance.  The Constitution at Article IV s 3 says that any putative state must clear first its own legislature and then Congress.  But that’s not the point it’s great fun, fills the letters columns and you can write it tucked up all air-conditioned at the desk – thereby avoiding actually having to go to Redneckistan.
But what has given this non-sense even these legs?  Well various options suggest themselves.  Gun reform is a big grumble, the backwoods counties not appreciating liberal minded townies in Denver, Buffalo or Colorado Springs, telling them how to live.  Renewable energy concerns, a feeling their gas and oil interests, and agriculture are all under attack and the old perennial of abortion all fester in the mix.
Wonderful, wonderful stuff.


Customers reported seeing a man smoking marijuana while pumping gas at Murphy USA in front of Wal-Mart Sunday afternoon, according to a police report.
When police arrived to investigate, they found Terrance Williams, 28, allegedly smoking marijuana while gassing up a car that had been reported stolen, the report stated.
A skateboard, two wallets and approximately 16 Monster energy drinks were stolen from a truck in the 2400 block of West Frank Avenue Thursday night.
A car window in the 1100 block of Ross Street was broken out Wednesday morning using a small television set that the owner had given his ex-girlfriend
A woman threatened to kill another woman after the two had a discussion about a man they were both sleeping with.