Sure, you’ll still be able to buy cigarettes at Walgreens for the foreseeable future, but what else should you pick up while you’re there to get your smokes? Nothing, apparently.
Marketwatch compiled a list of five things that you should avoid buying at the drugstore unless you’re in a bind, in a hurry, or trapped inside your neighborhood chain drugstore during a zombie apocalypse.
1. Drugs
Wait, what? Our own colleagues over at Consumer Reports figured out that the cheapest place to get the most popular prescription drugs is Costco. Turns out discount stores generally have better prices on over-the-counter meds.
2. Food
Not surprising – other than a few loss leaders, food is generally more expensive at drugstores than grocery stores. When you’re picking up milk or a frozen pizza there, it’s more like going to a convenience store.
3. Makeup
Marketwatch’s research showed that the same makeup products are generally cheaper at big-box stores than at drugstores.
4. Cleaning products
Noticing a pattern? They, too, are cheaper at big-box stores.
5. Office supplies and gift wrapping
You can’t beat the convenience, but there are much better and cheaper places to get your cards, gift wrap, and office supplies. Dollar stores, for example.