Arkansas state Rep. Josh Miller broke his neck in a drunk driving accident when he was about 22, he is now a quadriplegic. Fortunately for him, Medicare and Medicaid were there to cover the million dollar hospital bill (beings that he was uninsured).
And how lucky for us, especially you Arkansans, that he now serves in the state legislature leading the fight against the government waste that is Medicare and Medicaid! He’s protecting you from those “who qualify for the private option [who] aren’t working hard enough. He claims many want health insurance just so they can get prescription drugs to abuse.” Yes, the hordes of drug-addled layabouts that aren’t him. Did I mention it was a drunk driving “accident?”
    Miller, 33, was on an alcohol-fueled drive with a friend about 11 years ago (he can’t remember who was driving) when their pickup plunged off a ravine near Choctaw. He was rescued, but suffered a broken neck and was paralyzed. Miller was uninsured. What young, fit man needs health insurance, he thought then. (He had some reason to know better. Not long before, he’d broken his hand in a fight and had to refuse the recommended surgery to fix the injuries properly because he was uninsured.)
    Months of hospitalization and rehabilitation followed, including a long stretch in intensive care at St. Vincent Infirmary. There was a $1 million bill. Medicaid paid most of it. Miller was placed on disability and checks began. In time, between Medicaid and Medicare, all his health costs were covered by the federal government.
Max Brantley, the original reporter, also said this, which is important
    A coldly rational person might say a cook in a fast-food restaurant, working long hours at low pay to feed a family, looks more deserving than an uninsured person injured on a drunken joy ride. I would not. No one should be pre-judged on a subjective merit test for health care.


A coldly rational person might say a cook in a fast-food restaurant, working long hours at low pay to feed a family, looks more deserving than an uninsured person injured on a drunken joy ride. I would not. No one should be pre-judged on a subjective merit test for health care. We are all God’s children — all residents of a country Republicans like to call exceptional, despite its lack of universal health care.


How does he, and his supporters, justify his use of those govt “handouts,” but think it is OK to deny others the same? He didn’t turn them down.


Obviously the teabag extreme right and the chaos crowd Libertarian ultra anarchist racist, Woman hating wack job, conspiracy theory POS liars like them though just want to harm our government.
Even when it does good things like this.
What stupids!


He belongs to the same political class that gives handouts to Big Ag while cutting food stamps.


Let us not forget Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful Greg Abbott got his money partially through a lawsuit over an accident which left him disabled, but as AG helped change the laws to make lawsuits like that more difficult… not to mention, of course, helping to oppress women and LGBTQ people who happen to be disabled …
Power is about stepping on those beneath you as you claw your way to the top, then shutting the trap door to the dungeons behind you.


Didn’t that schmuck who ran for Veep w/RMoney (honestly I’m forgetting his name right now…) also grow up on some kind of Soc Sec bc his dad died or something?
Basically it boils down to the same despicable philosophy of those proposerity “churches”: white people *deserve* everything, esp if they toe the conservative line & go to church & suck up to power.
Everyone else? Not so much.
Color me utterly unsurprised. Clearly Josh Miller got HIS. EFF everyone else!
Q: is Josh Miller quite prepared to PAY BACK the Medicaid costs that the dreaded gubmint gave him after his drug-addled stupor led to him causing himself (and others?) grevious bodily harm?? If not, why not? He should pay every penny back, esp as he’s now got himself on the gubmint gravy train.
Typical rigthwing racist, bigoted, classist hypocrisy on steroids.


I feel eminently qualified to say what I’m about to say because I’m a long time quadriplegic, too. I broke my neck in a diving accident in 1965 when I was 17 years old. That’s said, this guy is a complete asshole and a mindless dick. In my 49 years as a wheelchair user, I’ve found just as many, if not more, obnoxious jerks who are disabled as are able-bodied. The chair doesn’t make you any more noble or insightful. Often, it makes a person more of the asshole they were before their accident or disability set in. In my time in rehab and after, I’ve seen gimps milk their disability for every reason imaginable and some think their disability gives them special rights or entitlements. It doesn’t. All a disability does is make life harder for the person who has it and those who care for them. It’s up to the person to make the best of a shitty situation and work through life as positively as they can and to be kind and appreciative and compassionate along the way.
Not like this yutz. I’d like to meet him and tell him gimp-to-gimp what a prick he is.


Thanks for your personal story bc it is powerful.
I’m totally OK with *anyone* getting Medicaid/Medicare/Disability benefits even when they do something foolish, like taking drugs, which causes them to be harmed in some way.
But I do have a particular ire with someone who benefits royally from the system, and then turns around and wants no one else to get what they got just because. The fact that Josh Miller got injured bc he was on drugs & behaving recklessly just makes my ire towards him that much more intense.
You are right, though. People are often the same jerks after they go through some of life’s trevails. One hopes that people may learn some compassion from their personal life experiences, but all too often they do not.
Clearly Miller is being heavily compensated to spit on others who might meet fates similar to his. Shame on him.


Thank God for Arkansas State Rep. Josh Miller