On the way to the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting, a well-to-do traveler stops in Benton, Arkansas and considers staying the night. He enters the local hotel, and puts a $100 deposit on a room, a decision to stay pending on inspection of the hotel and the area. The hotel owner agrees…… as soon as the traveler is out ofsight, the hotel owner runs to the hardware store to pay an outstanding bill there. The hardware store owner immediately runs to the the local bar to pay his tab there. The bar owner takes the $100 and pays the man he hires to sweep and clean. The sweeper takes the $100 to the hotel owner, who he rents a room by the week, and pays his rent. The well-to-do traveler, back from his inspections, informs the hotel owner he has decided not to stay. The hotel owner gives him his $100 back.

No good has been made, no service has been provided, but that $100 bill made a whole town feel like they were just that much better off.