Anti-government protesters have surrounded the Interior Ministry office in Lugansk, after seizing the city’s regional administration building and prosecutor’s office.
Meanwhile, Ukraine’s coup-appointed President Aleksandr Turchinov has ordered Interior Minister Arsen Avakov to sack police heads in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions in eastern Ukraine.
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Keith Moss 29.04.2014 16:57
Noprapa Ganda 29.04.2014 16:45
Why do so many people wear masks during these events?
Of course they have to protect their faces, in Kiev the junta leaders did sent Right Sector Mafia to terrorise their family at home.
Mark 29.04.2014 16:56
Hmm, some guys are holding automatic weapons… next there will be a report that the Police came out and ‘supported’ the crowd..
ShepBDS 29.04.2014 16:55
Noprapa Ganda 29.04.2014 16:49
Remember, those who fight with police and military today, will do the same tomorrow. It does not matter who is in charge.
Your comment might be a bit harsh as there is no history of people in this area fighting with the authorities before. We should accept these people are very worried about what the future holds for them……they are just asking for the right to vote for their future……there is no coup attempt here. Is it too much to to give them a referendum? Well YES if the coup gvmnt expects the vote to go againt them – thats not democracy
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Reuters / Vasily Fedosenko