Given its billionaire conservative founders, you might think the most Republican company in the country based on political donations is Koch Industries. You’d be wrong.
According to the New York Times, Thomasville, Ga.-based Flowers Foods — which makes Wonder Bread and Tastykakes — has given 99.5 percent of its political contributions since 1979 to GOP candidates.
That’s over 10 percent more than Koch, which has given 88.1 percent of its political contributions to Republicans.
In fact, there are 10 other American companies that have given a bigger share of their political donations to GOP candidates than Koch, according to the Times’ analysis of Federal Election Commission data:
∙ Illinois Tool Works: 95.9 percent
∙ Cooper Industries: 93.6 percent
∙ Devon Energy: 93 percent)
∙ Bloomin’ Brands (formerly Outback Steakhouse): 93 percent
∙ Eaton: 92.7 percent
∙ Timken: 91.7 percent
∙ Marathon Petroleum: 91.7 percent
∙ ExxonMobil: 90.2 percent
∙ Halliburton: 90.2 percent
∙ Anadarko Petroleum: 90 percent
Branch Banking and Trust, at 88.1 percent, is tied for 12th with Koch Industries, according to the Times’ list.
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Wonder Bread Returns to Shelves With New ‘Old’ Loo …
Wonder Bread Returns to Shelves With New ‘Old’ Look (ABC News)
By contrast, the most Democratic-leaning company in America by percentage of donations is Citizens Financial Group, which has given more than three quarters (77.5 percent) of its $1 million in political contributions to the party.
Flowers Food’s political action committee has supported just three Democrats since 1984, and not one in 20 years, the Times reports. The publicly traded company, which has “been delivering quality baked foods at a good value for more than 80 years,” had sales of $3.75 billion in 2013.
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Overall, Koch has given far more money to Republicans than Flowers Foods. According to, the privately held Koch has made $1.4 million in political contributions in the 2014 cycle, including $816,000 to Republican congressional candidates ($12,000 to Democrats).
Through April 20, Flowers Foods’ PAC has contributed $95,000 to GOP groups, including $7,500 to South Carolina congressional candidate Mark Sanford and Texas Sen. John Cornyn.

A female Suncor Energy employee has been killed by a bear on the company’s oil sands base camp site near Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, a company spokeswoman said.
The large male black bear attacked the woman in a busy part of the sprawling industrial complex, approximately 25 kilometers north of Fort McMurray, on Wednesday afternoon. The employee was pronounced dead at the scene.
“We are shocked by this very unusual incident and there are no words to express the tragedy of this situation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to family, friends and co-workers,” said Mark Little, Suncor executive vice president, Upstream.
“All of us need to focus on personal safety and I would urge everyone to be extremely vigilant in dealing with wildlife.”
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Alberta Environmental and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) responded to the incident and the bear was put down.
Suncor spokeswoman Sneh Seetal said at this stage there were limited details of what happened but a full investigation was underway into why the bear attacked.
“It’s a major industrial site with lots of noise and activity. Other workers tried to intervene,” she said.
AESRD officers are in the process of installing traps and cameras and helping patrol the borders of the site, Seetal added.
Suncor is Canada’s largest oil and gas company, with the majority of production coming from the oil sands, a region heavily populated with bears and other wildlife. Black and grizzly bears come out of hibernation at this time of year.
This is the third employee death on Suncor’s oil sands site this year, although the two other incidents were work-related.
Seetal said she did not know of any other bear attacks on site.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook Mexico City on Thursday, rattling buildings and prompting office evacuations, but there were no immediate reports of damage.
The U.S. Geological Survey put the quake epicenter in the western Mexican state of Guerrero at a depth of 14.9 miles just inland from the Pacific Coast. No tsunami alert was triggered.
The USGS initially said the quake was of 6.8 magnitude, and had reported it was much shallower. A quake of that magnitude can cause damage to buildings, especially poorly designed structures.
Finance Minister Luis Videgaray was mid-speech at the National Palace in Mexico City when the quake struck.
“I think we’d better take a pause if you don’t mind,” he said, leaving the stage. Onlookers flooded out.
A representative for state oil giant Pemex said they did not believe there was any impact to its installations, the majority of which are located far from the epicenter.
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People stand on a street next to a bus after an earthquake …
People stand on a street next to a bus after an earthquake shook Mexico City May 8, 2014. REUTERS/Cl …
Mexico, Chile and Central America have been rattled by a series of quakes along the Pacific in recent months.
Mexican media reported there was no damage in the Pacific holiday resort of Acapulco, near the epicenter.
“I was working when I started to feel seasick and we left the office,” said Andres Alcocer, 34, a publicist in Mexico City.
A 8.1-magnitude earthquake in 1985 killed thousands of people in Mexico City. In March 2012, there was a 7.4 magnitude quake but it did not cause major damage.